The Anxiety Recovery Community

Everything you need to recover from anxiety disorder, panic attacks and OCD.

The Anxiety Recovery Community

Everything you need to recover from anxiety disorder.

Recovery IS Possible

I suffered with anxiety disorder, panic attacks and OCD for over 40 years. I had years of therapy but that only reinforced the condition, so I started researching the illness and made some interesting discoveries. I then trained as a therapist and started helping others, since then I have helped many people recover and everything I have learned, including all the techniques I have developed, is presented here on this site.

Don’t let anyone tell you that anxiety disorder is something you must learn to live with, because that’s simply not true – recovery IS possible and I’ll show you how to achieve it.

You’ll discover what causes an anxiety disorder, learn about common (and lesser-known) symptoms and how to avoid triggers, as well as mastering techniques to stop anxiety and panic dead in its tracks. Finally, I’ll show you how to go on to recover permanently from anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, OCD and other related conditions.

Paul Purseglove

Anxiety Disorder Recovery

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