Your Comfort Zone is An Illusion

As the quote says, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there”

We all have our comfort zones, but did you ever stop to think where yours came from? And what is it, really?

The truth is we create our comfort zones, based on our experiences and our resulting levels of confidence, self-esteem, etc. So if we create them, then we get to decide how big they are and what fits inside them, right?


If you’ve been living with anxiety disorder for some time, chances are your comfort zone has become smaller and smaller, each time you add another thing to the list of things you can’t do because of anxiety. This is one of the ways agoraphobia comes about, your comfort zone shrinks so much that you literally cannot leave home. In some cases even home doesn’t feel safe, then you’re really stuck.

So don’t let your comfort zone define what you can and can’t do – challenge it, expand it, push the boundaries and little by little your world will get bigger and your list of options will get longer. In the same way it shrank, it can expand again.

Start taking steps to expand your comfort zone today.

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