Anxiety Disorder
Recovery Program

The world's most comprehensive anxiety recovery program. Learn how to beat anxiety for good, take back control, reintroduce everything you've been missing out on, and then create the life you've always wanted.
Paul · 20 August 2021

This is a guided anxiety disorder recovery program comprising of video lessons, supporting course materials and unlimited personal support throughout your recovery.

This is a very powerful program and represents the sum total of my experience and all of the knowledge and expertise I have accumulated during my own journey to recovery.

This program is a curated and structured collection of the tools and techniques I developed and used myself to recover from over 40 years of anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and depression. If you follow the program and commit to your recovery, it will work for you.

How is this different to other recovery programs?

I’ve tried all of the major anxiety recovery programs, they’re all built on the ’one size fits all’ principle and although each one helped a little, none of them did the job because every one of us has a different experience of anxiety, and slightly different requirements when it comes to recovery.

The way my system differs is primarily that it has two components; there are several core principles which you must adopt in order to recover, and these in themselves are enough in some cases; in addition there are dozens of other tools and techniques that I’ve used with numerous clients over the last couple of years, and which have all helped in some cases.

So, basically, you have a set of tools that everyone uses, then a choice of which other ones you want to add to give it that extra boost, personalised to your situation and symptoms.

Powerful material not found anywhere else

This is by far the most comprehensive anxiety recovery program available anywhere. It includes an entire foundational section that other programs don’t even touch upon. You will go beyond recovery to re-integrate all the things back into your life that you’ve been missing out on. PLUS you will then learn how to go on and channel all the energy that anxiety was using into creating the life you always dreamed of.

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