I battled with anxiety and panic attacks for over 40 years,  it ruined every single area of my life and, after becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, finally led to a nervous breakdown. And so began my long and painful road to recovery. Now I want to help as many people as possible to recover, but also to avoid the mistakes I made and the money I wasted.

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The Recovery Accelerator Program is available now. To register click the Take This Course button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can book a free call with me so we can run through the program and make sure it’s a good fit for you. Then, once you’ve joined you’ll get access to program videos, supporting materials and downloads you need to complete your recovery. The program is divided into six weekly units but can be completed in whatever timeframe your availability permits.

Not at all, this platform is open to everyone, regardless of location. Currently, all written and video content is in English.

There is no quick fix for anxiety disorder, but there is a process which, if you follow it, works for more than 99% of people. This platform provides you with the knowledge, understanding and tools to complete your recovery, but you will have to take ownership and do the work. For this reason, it’s not possible for me to guarantee your recovery, that very much depends on how committed you are. What I can say unequivocally, is that the methods I teach have helped many, many people to recover completely from anxiety disorder – they do work. 

Therapy is usually of the format where a therapist is employed to ‘fix’ or resolve some issue that you are not able to resolve on your own. With coaching, you are given a set of tools and shown how to use them in order to achieve recovery. So you are not dependent on someone else once you have the tools you need.

Yes, I offer both therapy (using EFT, NLP, CBT and EMDR) and coaching. See above for the difference between coaching and therapy. Sessions can be booked here.

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