Anxiety Took Everything From Me

Anxiety took everything from me – my freedom, my confidence, my trust. The things others seemed to do so easily I struggled with from an early age.

Even basic conversations were hindered by low self-esteem and lack of confidence, making eye contact was particularly hard as I feared people would somehow be able to see how weak I was.

I used humour to mask my struggles and became the ‘class clown’ at school, which only served to get me into more trouble…

Left unchecked, anxiety disorder can wreak havoc on every part of your life. But there is a way of cutting loose and building the life you always wanted.

The most important thing is not material items or status, it’s the transformation that has taken place on the inside.

I no longer regret or blame, instead I look for lessons in adversity and try to stay present – after all, in the present moment all possibilities exist for us to choose from.

Start your journey to recovery now – the world needs you.

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